Research is Ceremony

The Circle never ends, looping through generations and time it connects Indigenous ways of knowing.

Respecting Indigenous research as Ceremony means acting on shared knowledge from the past, present, and future, understanding that stories from the ancestors are gathered in the Circles we form today. Important research occurs through Ceremony. When Indigenous knowledge keepers and elders explore best practices and discuss worldviews, we are connected to the intersection of Indigenous and Western business approaches.

The Northern WE in Tourism study explores and recommends pathways to success that are Indigenous-led and ally supported. By listening to what does and does not work, lessons learned, and lived experience, our research model is firmly grounded on the four research Rs:

  • Relevance
  • Respect
  • Reciprocity
  • Responsibility

Research Phases


Conduct a literature review of publications on Indigenous entrepreneurship and social innovation with a focus on women entrepreneurs in Canada’s north. Identify examples of successful women-owned operations and examine potential pathways and barriers to training and resources.


Conduct a series of interviews with Indigenous women entrepreneurs in Canada’s north. A pre-survey will be shared to gather demographic and first-hand information to help inform pathways to sustainable livelihoods.


Sharing Circles will be held in each of the five provinces and territories. Women will be encouraged to share their opinions and recommendations around accessibility to ecosystems, training, and resources that best support
business development.


Elder-led Visioning Circles will be held in each of the five provinces and territories. Insights gathered from each region will inform common experiences in the women's entrepreneurial journeys and inform recommendations on resources and access.


Northern WE in Tourism will be hosting a pre-conference Ceremony on March 7th, 2023 at the International Indigenous Tourism Conference in
Winnipeg, Manitoba.
This open-invitation event will be held and livestreamed. Study participants will be encouraged to gather, connect, and provide important feedback on draft recommendations shared through the first four phases of the project. These recommendations will be used in all publications.


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